Primary 2B

Our Community

Primary 2B have been learning about people in our community and the different jobs that they do. We had a real police officer tell us about his role and all the important things that he does.


Space Camp

P2 have had a successful first day in Space training camp. We have been learning to recognise planets, read and remember facts. Today we made our helmets and ID badges. It was a lot of fun training to be an astronaut. Tomorrow we continue our space training.p2b-space-helmets-e1544479354988.jpg

Day 2 of Space Training in Primary 2B. In drama we used our imaginations to become astronauts and blast off into space in our rockets! We also learned to tell digital o’clock time, just like astronauts. We had great fun building rockets and drawing space pictures too.

Day 4 of Space Training in Primary 2B. We started our day with space drama, we used our imagination and our bodies to create stars and black holes. We pretended that we were going on a space walk and had to fix our broken rocket! Afterwards we were inspired to write some space stories. Our stories were so good that we created our own P2 space book.

Last day of Space Training. We had a journey around the Solar System in drama. Then we had our Space Training Graduation. The children received their certificate and we celebrated with a space biscuit! Congratulations Astronauts.

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