Time for Reflection

Our school is a community of learners from different cultural and social backgrounds with a wide range of beliefs. Our curriculum of personal development is based on respect for self and for everyone else. Time for Reflection is a statutory provision within Curriculum for Excellence that:
– provides opportunities for the school community to express and celebrate
– gives the school community time to reflect upon a variety of traditions and
viewpoints as well as other stimuli such as literature, art and music
– provides opportunities for the community to reflect upon values, beliefs,
commitments and hopes
– which are implicit in being human

We sometimes work in partnership with visitors to help our children learn about the real-life experiences of people whose lives may be very different to their own. This can provide an experience for children to find out about a wide range of views religious and otherwise. We provide Time for Reflection through our Friday morning assemblies six times a year. Parents can withdraw their children from participation in Time for Reflection. If you wish to do so, please contact the school.

25th October 2019 – Diwali – Mrs Napier (Principal Teacher)
This assembly will provide children with information about the festival of lights, which is celebrated by Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and some Buddhists. We
welcome visitors from Edinburgh Hindu Mandir and Cultural Centre.

20th December 2019 – Christmas – Rev Jenny Williams, Drylaw Parish Church
This assembly will explore the meaning of Christmas celebrated by Christians.

24th January 2020 – Chinese New Year – Ms Vince (Principal Teacher)

27th March 2020 Easter – Rev Jenny Williams, Drylaw Parish Church
This assembly will explore the Christian understanding of Easter.

24th April 2020 Ramadam – Mr Prowse (Principal Teacher)

18th June 2020 – Windrush Generation – Mrs Napier (Principal Teacher)