Parent Council

Our Parent Council is made up of parent members, school staff and co-opted members of the local community. The main objectives of the Parent Council are as follows:-

To work together with everyone involved in school life – parents, learners, teachers, school staff and the wider community – to support the school.

To make sure that all parents have a say in their children’s education – and are able to express their views and wishes.

To listen to what parents want the Parent Council to do and report back to the Parent Forum on their activities and how they can get involved.

You can contact the Parent Council and get involved in several ways:

-Speak to them in the playground.

-Drop a note in the Parent Council mailbox outside the school office.

-Send an e-mail to

Please click the links to download copies of agendas, notices and minutes from the Parent Council.

Below are links to information on parental engagement and parent groups. 


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