Visit to Drylaw Police Station

We went on a visit to Drylaw Police Station, 2 officers called Holly and Pete met us and took us into the briefing room. They told us a bit about how the station works and we got the chance to ask them some questions. From here, we were taken to the cells, they told us about how they were used and we got a chance to try them out. They have 4 cells, one of which is used for storing evidence. We then got to go outside and sit in a police van and car. We got the chance to go in the back of the van and also try the driver’s seat – we also got to put the siren on which was great fun! We then went back into the briefing room where we could try out handcuffs and got to see a pepper spray and baton. It was a very interesting visit but hopefully that will be the only time we see the inside of a police station!


Edinburgh’s Old Town

During term 4 the children in primary 4B have been learning about Edinburgh’s Old Town. We have looked at the living conditions in the old town and how this affected people’s health. We have also learned stories about some of the well-known residents of the Old Town. On Monday 9th May we visited parts of the old town. We started off at Greyfriar’s Kirkyard and listened to the story about Greyfriar’s Bobby and his master. We then walked to the Grassmarket and Lawnmarket.

Living and Growing

Primary 1A have been working hard on their Living and Growing topic. As part of this we have been learning about looking after plants and growing our own sunflowers. We have also been looking at the life cycle of a butterfly and currently have caterpillars in class. On Thursday the 19th May we went to Edinburgh Zoo to continue our learning about Living and Growing. We had lots of fun!