Department of Art and Design 1

Good morning boys and girls from Ferryhill Primary School. I hope you are all well and ready for your first online Art lesson. It’s my first online Art lesson ever, too, so I am learning with you as we go along. 

We’ll start off with something simple. Today we need to make a Rainbow picture for the window of your flat that is facing the road. All over the world children are currently painting, drawing, making collages of rainbows which they display in their windows to show solidarity. Solidarity means that you are thinking of others and that no one is alone. The two little girls in the ground floor flat two doors along from mine have a rainbow picture in their window and it cheers me up every time I look out of my living room window. 

Before you rush to draw a rainbow using up your precious felt tip pens, stop and think.

What are the colours of the rainbow?

Can you sing the colours of the rainbow? In Germany we don’t have the song that all of you seem to learn at nursery. You are definitely a step ahead of Germany!

Can you make a rainbow from things you find in your recycling bin? Can you make a collage? We don’t want to wear out your felt-tip pens in the first week. What other materials could you use instead? Take a photo of your work and try and upload it. 

Will you just make a rainbow or can you add something else? Is there a story? 

For those of you in the upper classes I’d like you to find out online why there are different colours in a rainbow. 

Check out ‘How a Prism Works to Make Rainbow Colors’ on youtube. I think some of you STEM whizzkids might like it. 

If you have any time left check out the website of the National Galleries of Scotland. One of my favourite pictures is by Frederic Edwin Church, Niagara Falls from the American Side, 1867. 

Go to Type in Frederic Edwin Church into the finder and you’ll be directed to this picture. 

Can you spot the rainbow?

Have fun and let me know how you get on. 

Dr Stahl

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