Ferryhill Pupils secure Festival Exhibition

Pupils from Ferryhill Primary School have been selected to show watercolours and animal sculptures at

Stockbridge Library, Hamilton Place

during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

A selection of young artists aged between six and nine years are delighted to share their paintings and models of dragonflies with you. They were inspired by books from the Natural History section of Stockbridge Library in their quest to investigate the location of rainforests, to find out about the animals and the people who live there, and to learn about damage to the environment caused by deforestation.

Five watercolours on the curved main wall of the library depict each young artist’s favourite animal.  

The dragonflies dancing in the air above the bookshelves were made from sticks recovered from fallen branches in George V Park and on the Water of Leith Walk. Pipe cleaners served as legs and iridescent foil was used for the wings. The nylon line from which the dragonflies are suspended was previously used for fishing in the Western Isles and has been rescued from being sent to landfill.

It would be great if you dropped by Stockbridge Library to see the exhibition and leave a comment in the visitors’ book. The exhibition runs until the 29th of August 2019.

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