School re-opening

Returning to School

  • Ferryhill Primary School is expected to reopen on Monday, 5th
  • There may be disruption but we will work to overcome any challenges that arise. However, please be patient.

Calling the School

  • Avoid calling the school unless it’s absolutely necessary – we need to keep our line clear for essential calls.
  • If the school is forced to close, you’ll receive a text message.
  • If your child is absent, leave a message using the automated system


  • Paths will be cleared from the main gate on Easter Drylaw Drive and the gate on Wester Drylaw Avenue.
  • If there are any changes to this, notices will be placed on the gates.

Time Before School

  • I am asking if some staff will help with additional supervision of children in the assembly hall from 8.20 am.
  • However please do not send children to school earlier than is required.
  • Children can go into school when they arrive or play in the snow until it’s time to come in – nothing clears a playground of snow faster than children playing there !
  • Take your time getting safely to school, I would rather you/children were late than taking risks.

Breaks and Lunchtimes

  • Please send children to school warm and waterproof – they can store wellies and clothing in the school and will be given time to change.
  • They will be going outside at break and lunchtime to enjoy the snow and it’s important children are dressed appropriately.


  • School lunches will be served, however the regular menu may not be followed until supplies are resumed.
  • If your child is a ‘fussy’ eater you may prefer to send a packed lunch.
  • We cannot guarantee delivery of drinking milk.


  • Any staff who are unable to travel to Ferryhill on Monday should contact the Head Teacher.
  • If they are unable to attend Ferryhill, they should report to their nearest school, taking proof of identity with them.
  • The staff park will not be cleared and parking may be challenging. To minimise disruption, staff may wish to consider public transport or car sharing.


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