Health Advice

Please refer to the NHS Inform Website for the latest health advice on Coronavirus. The site contains the most up to date information on the virus and also guidelines for precautions and changes to behaviour.

However, at present (23rd March 2020) the advice is as follows:

If you’ve developed a new continuous cough and/or a fever/high temperature in the last 7 days, stay at home for 7 days from the start of your symptoms even if you think your symptoms are mild.

Phone your GP if your symptoms:

  1. are severe or you have shortness of breath
  2. worsen during home isolation
  3. have not improved after 7 days

You should also phone your GP if you develop breathlessness or it worsens, especially if you:

  1. are 60 years old or over
  2. have underlying poor health
  3. have heart or lung problems
  4. have a weakened immune system, including cancer
  5. have diabetes

If your GP is closed, phone NHS 24 (111).

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