School Camp

News just in from the Primary 7’s at Benmore

“We have all arrived safely at Benmore.  The children are really happy in their dorms and are quickly settling into their routines.  Many of them showed great perseverance in making their beds and helping their dorm mates too.  They are helping to keep the place spick and span, but the highlight of their day is the cooked breakfast and cake at 5pm!  All the children are a credit to the parents and our school; showing lovely manners, helping one another and taking part enthusiastically in all tasks.  It’s only Tuesday and we are all excited about the activities to come- photos to follow!”

If you would like to find out more, please visit the school camp page on the website.

NHS Lothian Advice – Mumps

Advice received from the NHS. Mumps is currently circulating in the community at a higher than usual level in Lothian. Mumps is a viral infection which is not usually a serious illness but it can take up to ten days or more to feel better. The signs, symptoms of mumps include fever, headache, swelling of glands on both sides of the face. Pupils with symptoms of mumps should not attend school until they are recovered and at least five days after the facial swelling began. Find out more:…/infections-and-poisoning/mumps

Wuhan coronavirus

The NHS have provided us with reference points regarding the evolving outbreak of respiratory illness in China, centred around Wuhan in Hubei province. No cases of this illness have been confirmed in the UK and the risk to people in this country is low. As it is winter, most respiratory illnesses in the UK and China are due to the common cold and other viruses including influenza.

Information for the general public is at  

Health information is at  

Underwater Expedition

Inspired by Jacques Cousteau, ‘Finding Nemo’ and David Attenborough’s Blue Planet pupils from Ferryhill Primary School have embarked on their own subsea adventure.

Their primary 5 pupils set their imagination loose on encounters with dolphins, wild swimming and wreck diving and created a set of striking semi-abstract collages.

The exhibition will run until the 1st of February 2020 and can be viewed during regular library opening hours.