Primary 7A

In P7A we have been learning about the Scottish Government. We then created our own political parties and held a mock election in the class. We wrote our own manifestos, made our own campaign leaflets and videos and created rosettes to wear all to convince people to vote for us!

IMG_31021 (1)

World War 2

We have been learning about WWII in P7. We have learned how we used tanks and planes to defend ourselves against the Nazis and then used Kapla blocks to create our own tanks and planes.planes and tanks

Natural Disasters

Donald came in to teach P7 about natural disasters. We went outside and made dams using twigs, leaves and mud. We learned that dams can help prevent flooding.

Primary 7 have been learning about volcanoes. We made our own volcanoes out of paper mache. We then used vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to create a chemical reaction. The results made it look like lava!


For STEM week Primary 7 have been learning about types of bridges. We then worked in teams to design a bridge that was 30 cm long and could hold the weight of a book. We got extra points for having creative designs!


Primary 7 have been learning about friction. Using this knowledge they created marble runs. The aim was to get the marble to go down in the slowest time. They used felt, bumby paper and cloth to slow down the marble.  The winning marble run took 9.63 seconds!