Primary 5A

Natural Collages

We went out into the woods today and looked for different objects to make our own collages with. We were challenged to make a collage thinking about the textures and colours. We worked in groups to create our collages, can you guess what our pictures are?

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Pine Cone Baubles

Today we painted our own pine cone baubles. We painted our own designs and then added glitter at the end.

Christmas baubles p5a

Woodland Orchestra 

As part of our human body topic, we went outside to explore our 5 senses. We found different objects in the woods that made different sounds and then we worked as a group to make our own music.

Spelling Orienteering

Primary 5 have been outside to try a bit of Spelling Orienteering. They worked in pairs to make as many words as they could using their spelling patterns for this week.

P5A orienteering spelling



Primary 5APrimary 5A are about to start learning about the human body. They went out into the playground and drew what they thought a skeleton might look like and then collected sticks and put them on top. Great work Primary 5.


Edward Munch Portraits

Primary 5A have been learning about the artist Edward Munch. The used crayon and watercolours to create their own pictures inspired by the picture “The Scream”.


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