Primary 5A

The Aztecs

Primary 5A have been learning about the Aztecs this term. At the start of the term, we made a 3D mindmap and decided what we wanted to learn and what activities we would like to do. We also thought about questions that we would like to know the answer to.

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The Human Body

P5 Skeletal System As part of our Human Body topic, we have been learning about the skeletal system. We worked in cooperative learning groups to create our own posters of the skeletal system. We used the class ipads and books to research interesting information and included this on our posters.

STEM Challenge – Create a Marble Run

For our STEM Challenge we chose to create a marble run. We all watched the video first and this gave us lots of great ideas. We worked together in groups to create marble runs out of cardboard. We had to plan, make and test our designs until they worked. This involved us listening to everyone in our team. Here are pictures of our marble runs.

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