Primary 2A

Stick Pet Stories

We went out into the woods today with our Stick Pets. We took them for a walk around the school and then found a place for them to sleep in the woods and told them some stories.


The Story of 10

P2A sumsPrimary 2A have been exploring the story of 10 outside in pairs outside today. We used pine cones to make the sums and then we wrote them down so that we could remember them, great work Primary 2.

Hopscotch Maths

Primary 2A were in the playground playing hopscotch. We had to throw the bean bag to the number we wanted, then hop and jump to collect it. We made this game a bit harder by using two bean bags and tried to throw them onto  two numbers that made ten.

Primary 2A

Pirates, News, Family and One in a Minion

We have been busy in Primary 2 learning about pirates, describing who is in our family, writing news articles and drawing our own minions and thinking about ambitious words that we can use to describe them.



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