Primary 1B

Animal Homes

Miss Gordon read us the Gruffalo in class and we listened to where all the animals stayed. Then we went outside and looked for different things we could use to build homes for our animals.

P1B Gruffalo Animal Homes

Pine Cone Tree

We went out into the woods today to look for a pine cone tree. We found lots of trees on our walk and we looked to see how they were different from the other trees. We found needles instead of leaves, pine cones and the bark was bumpy.

P1 Pine Cone Tree

Elmer Art

In Primary 1 we have been reading the story “Elmer”. We made our own Elmer’s using the colours red, green, blue, white, yellow, purple, pink and orange.





Chalk Drawings

In Primary 1 we have been making our own Chalk Drawings of night and day.




Primary 1B are in the ICT for the first time they are learning the rules.

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